I work for a school district that has had Accent as a vendor for over 10 years. We originally bought a used phone system from them that gave GREAT service over the 10 years that we used it. Over that 10 year period, we received excellent service from Accent whenever we needed to expand the phone system or had problems.

About a year ago we needed to upgrade to a new phone system. We got proposals from 5 vendors and decided to go with an ESI Phone System that Accent recommended. We felt that the ESI Phone system was the best value for the money we had to spend. It gave us the most features of the systems that we looked at in our price range.

Accent did an excellent job in planning out the system and working with our schedule to cause the least disruption. The folks at Accent are very knowledgeable about their products and we had only a few very minor glitches when the system was put on line.

The system has performed exactly as Accent had told us it would and we are very pleased with the system and I would highly recommend having Accent as a phone system vendor to anyone.

John Martindill
London, Ohio

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