It has been an incredible pleasure working with Jay & Laurie. Their professionalism is second to none. If I owned a company I would steal them from you.

I had the priviledge to watch and look over Jay’s shoulder while he was installing the phone system. His work quality is so high that I can only say that it raises the standard for quality assurance in your industry. His endless dedication to the mission at hand and his outstanding customer service has been seen by all here at Bovis. Again a level that has assured Bovis that we made the right decision to work with Accent Information Systems. Bravo Zulu to Jay!

I have also had a grand priviledge to work with Laurie via several phone calls with the same exuberance for her professionalism and customer service. She took it upon herself to not only find just a solution but, to find the best case solution. Again, her endless dedication and her tireless customer service earns her a Bravo Zulu from Bovis.

You found outstanding people in these folks. I am glad to have been involved with such high standards that have exceeded my expectations. These 2 incredible employees took me back a few years to when I was working Special Ops for the U.S. Navy and we set the standard. You have Laurie and Jay setting the bar now and I would be proud to work with them in the future.
Steve Salos
Columbus, Ohio

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