Our company was preparing to move to VoIP, which required us to totally redo our current infrastructure. This project required us to convert our existing MDF and IDF from 110 patch fields to a rack mounted patch panel system. With budget money tight we wanted to use our existing wire. We needed over 1,044 cables to be un-terminated from our existing 110 wall mounted frames and re-terminated on rack mounted patch panels. After talking to and receiving quotes from several companies, I decide on Accent. This turned out to be the best decision made during this entire project.

The work ethic and professionalism of Joe, Curt and Brian was a breath of fresh air. This crew worked so well together plus they actually take pride in their work. They really care about their clients and they treat them as partners. They gave me regular updates on the status of the project and I was immediately informed, and consulted with, on any unusual situations which may have caused us issues down the road. This type of caring, professionalism and pride is something that is hard to find in this industry.

I was so impressed with Accent’s work on this project that I have since used them for several smaller, yet just as important projects, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Raymond Fotis
Columbus, OH

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