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Chances are you’ve used Google to search the Web. Who hasn’t? Google has become a verb (you can look it up in Webster’s). Yet the big news from Googel recently is that it’s putting programs online—the kind you used to have to install on your business PC.

And would you believe that recently, Accent has become an Authorized Google Reseller! We now offer the solutions that businesses are looking for on their desktop.

Whether your business uses Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, iWork or a different productivity suite, employees shouldn’t have to struggle with their software to collaborate. Accent Business Apps ensures that collaborating with employees, partners or clients happens smoothly.



Traditional “collaboration” falls short in today’s workplace

Sharing with attachments is inefficient.

• Attachments can be too large to send over email, and take up inbox space.
• Coworkers with incompatible software can’t even open your attachments.
• It’s easy to lose track of which version of an attachment you should work on.
• Someone gets stuck reconciling everyone’s asynchronous edits.

File shares can create workflow bottlenecks.

• Everyone gets locked out of a file when one person forgets to check it back in.
• Coworkers with incompatible software can’t even open shared files.
• Teams need IT support to set up new file shares.
• It’s difficult to browse or search across multiple file shares.

Accent Business Apps smoothes the process

The Document sharing enhances your company’s productivity suite and eliminates the need to collaborate with attachments. Employees can start a project with software like Microsoft Office, and use Docs to share files with coworkers for collaborative editing. Everyone accesses the same online copy of the file in Docs, so there are no attachment compatibility problems, inbox storage quota issues, or versions to reconcile. When the group is done editing, you can keep the file in Docs, or export it back to the original format.

Videos can be more personal and impactful than traditional office documents. Employees can use Google Video to securely share and watch internal videos with no special hardware or software.

Sharing knowledge is simple with the Sites application. Free-form text, file attachments, videos, photos, and other types of information can be organized all together. It’s so intuitive that every employee can contribute; no special technical skills are required so coworkers can create rich sites without burdening IT for support.

Best of all, Google search is built-in, so employees can find company information instantaneously.

Who would have thought that a 10 year old company would be a driving force for small to medium sized business?

You Go Google!


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