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Now more than ever, you need to know the conditions of your network roadways. In the past clients “owned” all of the applications their business needed. Today there are many Services, Web-based solutions and remote connections that it is hard to determine what is happening, not to mention, why!

Accent PathView to the Rescue

AppNeta delivers an industry-first SaaS portfolio of End User Experience Monitoring services with broad, cross Application Performance Visibility and unprecedented Network Performance Insight. AppNeta arms network and application engineers with the end-to-end visibility needed to know how users experience applications across the network

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device for a complete view of network performance in an easy to understand, actionable dashboard.
  • Visually monitor performance statistics in real time
  • See device status changes as they happen
  • Intelligent network alerting to stay informed

All online from any browser or iOS device.

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