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In an attempt to battle unnecessary and costly complexity, ShoreTel has begun an anti-complexity movement for the IP Telephony industry.

ShoreTel has denounced the way vendors commonly piece together solutions from several different proprietary technologies, creating higher long-run costs. Although it protects the vendors’ positions and creates a continuous revenue stream, it’s a practice far more complex and costly to consumers.

Instead, ShoreTel has worked towards removing complexity from its system, engineering a solution for optimized IP-based communication and collaboration. It includes simple management and end-user features integrating voice, video, data, and mobile communication, and by reducing complexity, costs go down, as well as total cost of ownership

“ShoreTel’s ‘Brilliantly Simple’ campaign is resonating with both customers and channel partners,” says UCStrategies co-founder and UC Expert Blair Pleasant. “The ShoreTel channel partners I’ve spoken with are very favorable toward the ShoreTel solution and lack of complexity, noting that the product is easy to purchase, implement, and use, but is full featured and well designed.”

ShoreTel’s campaign has developed some videos that attack Cisco brand, even camouflaging their logo,www.shoretel.com/simplify.html,  bold.

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