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Seems like people are beginning to see the REAL value in ShoreTel.

Last week there were two announcements; one touting the rise in their prized product Personal Call Manager. In the SMB segment, ShoreTel beat the next closest competitor, Cisco, by almost 35 percent in sales of its popular ShoreWare® Call Manager application suite!

The report by Synergy Research Group is the first in the industry to effectively quantify the number of desktop applications shipped by leading vendors from 2006 to 2008.Documented proof of what I know, ShoreTel Rocks!!

This tied in with the second bit of Good News from last week. ShoreTel showcased the latest release of its award-winning UC software in Booth 909 at VoiceCon Orlando 2009. VoiceCon (is produced by TechWeb) is a the largest and most attended (even in the current market it has overflowing crowds) Communication show today. It is so big that it is broken up between the East and West coasts.

At VoiceCon last week it was announced to attendees at the event voted ShoreTel with the 2009 Best in VoiceCon Award for the third year in a row. Best in VoiceCon recognizes new and exceptional enterprise communications solutions and is presented annually at VoiceCon Orlando. ShoreTel received award for its ShoreTel Release 9 Unified Communications System.

The annual Best in VoiceCon Award recognizes new and exceptional enterprise communications solutions, and is an opportunity for the VoiceCon audience to express their opinion on the latest products and solutions that offer true business value. This was particularly gratifying for the ShoreTel team as we  all strive to understand our customers’ needs and align our offerings accordingly—and as the major competitors looked on with envy.

Pretty cool.

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