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With the release of ShoreTel 11 come several changes to the ShoreTel system, including a name change of ShoreTel Call Manager to ShoreTel Communicator. The release simplifies integration with existing IT infrastructure and legacy PBX systems.

But perhaps the most exciting new offering with the ShoreTel 11 release is support for the iPhone. The ShoreTel Communicator platform is now supported on the iPhone, allowing access to the user interface of communicator.Other SmartPhones that are platforms for ShoreTel Communicator include: BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Curve and Samsung Blackjack II.The ShoreTel Communicator for iPhone app, available in the iPhone App Store, has many features including:

  • View, listen and call back from ShoreTel voicemail box
  • Access to and call back from call history
  • Presence and preferred call handling settings
  • Allows you to assign your ShoreTel extension to your iPhone
  • Dialing to iPhone contacts
  • Allows you to hide your iPhone number when calling out

With mobile apps, ShoreTel is becoming even more “brilliantly simple.”Want to know more about how ShoreTel 11 works on the iPhone? Download the iOS App.

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