ESI products deliver all the important features businesses need, are incredibly easy to use, and yet are very affordable.

ESI’s award-winning products (available through a nationwide network of more than 500 Certified ESI Resellers) include IP Series voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone systems, best-selling IVX Series all-in-one digital phone systems, Remote IP Feature Phone and VoiceWorks 16 fourth-generation digital voice mail system.

Change forever the way you communicate.

If managing your day-to-day call activity is important to your business, you’ll want ESI’s VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) or its more fully featured version, VIP Professional. Combining the advanced capabilities of your ESI phone system with the power of Outlook®, VIP provides an important new dimension: control of your calls and voice mail.

VIP lets you intelligently manage your telephone calls; sort, prioritize, and forward voice mail messages from your Outlook Inbox; and use your contacts more productively. In addition, VIP captures and logs details about every call for better call management, and lets you program your phone options.

  • Manage voice mail – Because every voice mail message is displayed in the Outlook Inbox, you can quickly prioritize your messages, listen to those that are most urgent, and save the others for later. The VIP toolbar lets you listen to the message, save it, forward it, or delete it. You can also reply to or call back the person after listening to the message. VIP’s Save Voice Mail function will attach the actual message to an e-mail as a .WAV file so you can forward that message to someone outside the phone system. In addition, you can archive your messages and recordings for a permanent record of your conversations.
  • Secure your faxes – VIP’s fax server integration1 preserves the privacy of your faxes. Receive faxes in electronic format, directly into your Outlook Inbox.
  • Get more from your contacts – VIP enhances Outlook’s contact management capabilities. You can call from both Outlook and VIP contact lists. You can also build your contact lists every time you answer your phone. VIP creates a contact details page using Caller ID2 name and number data. The VIP Station List is a complete, always current directory of all the stations within your ESI phone system.
  • Keep a history of your call activity – VIP’s Call Log is a complete and detailed record of every external call to or from your phone. Use this tool to document calls – or track your calling productivity. Do you need to call someone with whom you spoke a few days ago? Simply go to the Call Log and double-click the entry. You can also print the Call Log to provide a permanent record.
  • Restore deleted voice mail messages and view missed calls – Up to 10 of your most recently deleted messages on the ESI phone system are displayed in the VIP Recycle Bin and quickly restored with the click of a button. The Missed Calls log shows who chose not to leave a voice message, so you can still call them back.
  • Program your phone – Programming the keys on your phone is easy. VIP lets you program your station from your PC screen. By giving you tabs and windows in the familiar Windows® format, VIP lets you easily select the options that best suit your requirements, and change those options immediately. You can always print a new phone template when you’re finished. Administering your phone to its maximum potential is one of VIP’s many real benefits.
  • Presence Management

    ESI + RFID = A unique solution for your business
    ESI Presence Management is a hardware and software solution incorporating an innovative combination of RF scanning technology and ESI’s award-winning telephone systems. Now even small and medium-sized enterprises can reap the benefits of:

  • Presence indication
  • ESI’s Personal Call Routing
  • Access control – Documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history. ESI Presence Management is offered as a basic doorphone solution for addressing basic entry and exit applications, and as an advanced supervisory solution utilizing RFID technology to provide access control and personnel location. Optional ESI TimeLine PC software maximizes the value of this amazing product.