IP Phone Systems

From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Mitel Networks offers a broad range of analog, digital, and IP phones, consoles, conference units and peripherals. Building on a legacy of success at the desktop, Mitel Networks phones combine the ergonomics, feature-richness, and voice quality users expect.

Enterprise Management

Mitel’s system management solutions afford today’s businesses maximum control over their network resources and strategy through easy-to-use central administration systems. Mitel solutions include everything from the monitoring and controlling of telecommunications spending to network monitoring, alarm handling and troubleshooting. Leveraging the world of IP applications and platforms demands a simple, intuitive and powerful means for managing the network.

The Mitel Management Access Point is a gateway for remotely accessing, monitoring and servicing Mitel IP Communications Platforms (ICPs) and traditional PBX systems over public broadband and PSTN connections. It greatly decreases service costs by reducing engineer site visits and drastically improving response times in resolving customer issues. The Management Access Point can automatically forward system alarms to a specific service provider speeding up the initial fault reporting and investigation process.

Customer Interaction Solutions

Customers can make or break your organization. Your contact center provides an introduction to your organization, and customers will make decisions about the efficiency, politeness, and accuracy of your organization based on the performance of your contact center. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make your contact center work for you, with Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions.

No two contact centers are alike

Businesses come in all sizes and their contact center requirements and capabilities vary greatly. This is why Mitel, a trusted provider of award-winning IP communications solutions, developed its Mitel Customer Interactions Solutions set. A highly flexible, two-tiered offering, the set is comprised of Contact Center Enterprise Edition – for highly sophisticated large scale contact centers – and Contact Center Business Edition – for individual contact centers that have 25 or fewer agents. These contact center offerings provide organizations of any size with the flexibility to implement contact center solutions for their unique service requirements and provide a sophisticated, cost-effective competitive advantage for today and tomorrow.

Some of the Customer Interaction Solutions applications are well-suited to both types of contact centers. Contact Center Enterprise Edition provides support for large contact centers and additional features required of sophisticated contact centers.