Who is in your business when you are not around? Do you know who has access to your proprietary and financial information? Is your customer list available to your competitors? We understand security requirements, identify security vulnerabilities, defend against and respond to attacks, reduce risk, and meet the security compliance requirements of your business and industry.

Our Network Security Service starts with an initial audit of sites to be supported in order to assess each server and all peripheral devices. A diagram of the Server room is made, and the configuration of any Server which connects to the Internet is documented. The state of the equipment, including its configuration, specification and attachment to other hardware, is documented. The following is noted about each item:

  • IP addresses, noted for secured remote access
  • The software installed on each Server
  • Serial number of equipment (in the event of a support call) to help identify hardware; if not already displayed, a serial number will be assigned.
  • Size of hard disk and space left unused, amount and type of memory, speed and type of processor, and version of the operating system.
  • Also included in this service are the following:

  • Telephone and on-site support to diagnose and resolve hardware related issues
  • Customized software support and access to all common resources maintained by Accent
  • Installation and purchase of software site-licenses and file backup
  • Telephone support for Server problems
  • On-site response within 2 hours for emergency issues.
  • The labor element of any repairs, maintenance or replacement of parts is included if there is a Hardware Support agreement with the Server manufacturer.