We are experts in evaluating network infrastructure performance on local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) and Internet connections, and wireless (WiFi) networks.

We can conduct a thorough, comprehensive analysis of your network and its behavior to determine what is necessary for to achieve its optimal performance. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment by certified technicians, we are able to improve the performance of your network and ensure your network performs properly.

Our network assessments address any or all of the following items:
• Network and application slowdowns
• Poor performance
• Condition and configuration of the central switching and routing equipment
• The impact of older network equipment
• Review of the overall network design (including hardware specifications, segmentation, and topology characteristics)
• Review of failover design and processes
• Review of outage logs and change-control logs.

IP Telephony Network Assessments

Network assessment are designed primarily to determine the readiness of the customer’s Wide Area Network (WAN) to carry VoIP traffic. It is not intended specifically to test Local Area Network (LAN), but will facilitate finding LAN problems. We focus on the WAN because most network problems encountered on VoIP environments are on the WAN, and are usually due to either insufficient Qos configurations or bandwidth allocation.

VoIP network assessments consist of 3 sub-phases:
(1) Installation of test agents (and registration with Accent’s Test Center);
(2) Execution of a preliminary test to determine the maximum number of recommended calls per WAN link;
(3) Execution of a comprehensive test to determine the ability of the network to sustain VoIP traffic over the course of normal business activities.

The preliminary test typically lasts for only a couple of hours, with the report being available within the next 24 – 48 hours. The comprehensive test runs for 7 calendar days, in order to cover a normal business week. The report is typically available for customer review within 3 business days of the conclusion of the test.

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