Whether you want the convenience of a wireless office, the economy of wireless links between sites, or to provide wireless to an entire neighborhood for municipal and service provider networks, Accent Information Systems has a solution for you. We have partnered with Proxim Wireless, a leader and early innovator in WiMAX and pre-WiMAX, to provide a complete line of wireless products:

We can help you avoid the high cost associated with fiber installation. Wireless provides remote connectivity quickly, securely and economically. Proxim’s Site to Site connections, an alternative to fiber with up to Gigabit speed, features QoS support for converged video, voice, and data, with enhanced security, and with lots of added benefits:

  • Eliminates the massive costs and delays of trenching for fiber.
  • Quickly deploys and configures, making it operational within hours.
  • Deploys virtually anywhere—across rugged terrain, bodies of water and remote areas.
  • Carrier-class reliability ensures non-stop security.
  • High capacity, configurable and secure broadband wireless for Guaranteed QoS.
  • Real-time transmission from and control of surveillance cameras.
  • When integrated with Proxim WiFi networks, allows remote and mobile monitoring (via PDAs, PCs, laptops, etc.), and increases ROI.
  • Mesh Networks

    Municipal and service provider networks managers can simplify WiFi deployment for their broadband citywide and public safety networks. The ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP) allows creation of self-forming and self-healing non-line of sight (NLOS) mesh networks.

    WiMAX products

    As total broadband access subscriber rates and usage rise by leaps and bounds each year, service providers and municipalities of all kinds and sizes are facing a challenge: addressing customer and resident demands, respectively, for quick service delivery and high-speed network access – wherever they may be – at a low cost. The price associated with customer acquisition costs and ongoing last mile maintenance puts additional pressure on service providers to find new ways to cost-effectively deploy broadband access services to large number of customers, supporting data, voice and video applications. Low-cost, all-in-one base stations and subscriber units make this technology affordable to a wide range of service providers—global or local, rural or metropolitan.


    There is an increasing need for video surveillance to help secure the world’s airports, ports, and transportation infrastructure, as well as schools, hospitals, government, and other critical environments. Now more than ever, organizational demands have hastened our search for better, more cost-effective security applications. In many instances, rapid deployment of security systems has become essential. As critical as improved security has become, budgets to accomplish this goal are by no means unlimited. Protect your assets with cost effective connections to remote locations, across the parking lot or across town.