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Human latency, it’s an elaborate term for something that we each experience regularly, the time it takes for someone to return a communication. Whether that communication is via phone, e-mail, text or any other method, human latency costs corporations millions each year.

The latest wave in communications is designed around eliminating human latency by providing a variety of features centered around presence information and mobility features in the workplace. Leveraging existing VoIP networks,communication systems are now providing presence information, real-time chat, on-demand video communication, mobility, and document collaboration to users. These features are referred to as unified communications, every avenue to communicate with someone available at the user’s fingertips.

Users can now see the corporate contacts available to speak, chat, collaborate on a project, and video conference all in one interface. Corporate connectivity can even be extended to the mobile device to provide the same information seen at the desktop. These enhancements are allowing people to communicate faster and more efficiently, eliminating the issue of human latency. Some people may look at unified communications as overdoing it, but connecting with the right person at the right time is critical to getting the job done efficiently and ensuring the bottom line.

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