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It looks like Google’s world domination plan is still full steam ahead. According to comScore, Google’s search share checked in at 61.6% in March with Yahoo finishing a distant second at 20.4% and Microsoft posting 9.1%. These staggering figures demonstrate Google’s massive superiority in the industry and provide a lot of insight into the recent tech merger talks.

ZDnet.com’s Larry Dignan commented about this topic stating “These search market share figures put a lot of recent events in context. For starters, Google’s search gains are a big reason why Microsoft has been hot for Yahoo in either a full acquisition or some sort of search purchase.”

Microsoft and its quest for Yahoo has been a hot topic in both the technology and financial worlds lately. With the proliferation of web based services and the move toward cloud computing, Microsoft can see the writing on the wall and is trying desperately to position itself in the web search world. On Monday, Microsoft inked a deal with HP to make Live Search the default search engine for all consumer PC’s shipped in 2009. Microsoft is calling the deal “the most significant distribution deal for Live Search that Microsoft has ever done.”

It will be very interesting to see how far the tech giants go to leverage the web into their product lines. We probably aren’t far from a fully web based OS with a PC that opens to a web browser and doesn’t rely on dedicated applications.

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