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What’s interesting in 2010?

As the year starts we all look for ways to “start anew”. One of our partners, Sparkspace, shared with me recently; “with 2020 only ten years away, the year 2010 takes on new significance”.

At Accent many of you have know us for years as a provider of solutions. The truth is we hardly come up with the solutions alone. You, our clients, tell us what works best for you and provide the direction we need for a Great Solution.

We have been running the IT Seminars downtown Columbus for nearly three years now and as we “start anew” we are looking for input regarding the topics we should highlight for the upcoming year.

You have the floor.  What is of interest to you? Seminars on general business processes, specific phone technology, Contact Centers, web based solutions  etc…? We are looking forward to some exciting seminars this year with your help. Please send your suggestions to aisoffice@accentservices.com . They will be considered for upcoming events.

Don’t forget that we will be giving away two premium seats to one of the Blue Jackets games on the 19th. We hope to see you there.


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